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Father who disappeared Christmas Eve found dead

Posted at 7:39 AM, Dec 29, 2015
UPDATE: Wallace was found dead. Action News will post updates as they become available.
A Las Vegas man has been missing since Christmas Eve, and his family is refusing to give up the search.
Wallace Inkenbrandt, 72, was last seen near the intersection of Lone Mountain Road and Decatur Boulevard.
He texted his wife Thursday morning he was almost home. Inkenbrandt hasn't been heard from since.
Police have tracked his cell phone to the California state line.
"It's a mystery," said Wallace's daughter, Miriam Inkenbrandt. "He's disappeared from thin air."
Inkenbrandt knows she's searching for a needle in a haystack, but she feels she has no choice. 
"We've talked to every manager, every surveillance team, trying to get them to look at the tapes if they see him," she said. "How is he? Is he distraught?"
Inkenbrandt says her father spent 20 years in the Army, and he was a master sergeant. 
Now, he's terminally ill.
Miriam says he's not the same man now she's known her whole life.
"Being naive in this frail state or being so trusting of people -- he's the kind of person who would let anybody near him," she said.
Without his medicine, Wallace is in fatal danger so the search is time-sensitive. 
Miriam says whether he's alive or dead, her father deserves a proper ending so she just needs to find him. 
Wallace was last seen in a silver Nissan with license plate PHB0488.
Red Rock Search and Rescue teams have been involved in the search.