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Neighbor wonders if street is cursed after fires

Posted at 9:37 PM, Apr 26, 2016

An east side community rallies around a father of four who's now homeless after his house caught on fire Tuesday morning.

The home is on the 4900 block of Idaho Avenue near Charleston and Nellis boulevards.

Neighbors are starting to think the street has some sort of curse because this is the third house fire on this block in five months.

"It makes me anxious, neighbor Gail Miotke tells 13 Action News. “I'm ready to get surveillance cameras put up all across the yard. I've done things like screw my gate shut so people can't come through the yard or hop fences. There's just not the respect of property that there used to be, accidental or not."

Miotke has decided to step up and allow the family that was displaced this morning to live with her. There were seven people living in the home: four children, their father, and two grandparents.  

Miotke says the father and his children have nowhere to go, so they're moving in with her. It's going to be tight, because she lives in a converted garage. Despite the small space, Miotke is determined to make it work.

"Do unto others is what I was always taught,” Miotke says. "I was always taught to share, don't steal, and be trustworthy."

Firefighters are still investigating the cause of Tuesday morning's fire.