Family in need getting car thanks to group of former inmates

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -  A valley family is getting a much needed lifeline to help them make ends meet, thanks to a donation from a group of former inmates.

The group 'Prison Is Not Cool' wanted to give back to the community, and raised money to get a used car to a family in need, and accepted hundreds of entries.

The winner was the Logan family - David, his wife Elizabeth, and their five young children.

The Logans recently fell on hard times.  David was jumped while working at his pizza delivery job, lost another job, and Elizabeth developed epilepsy and can't work.

Slowly, they've been able to rebuild.  David works at a gas station and goes to school hoping to work on planes.  But they have to manage it all without a car - walking and using public transportation.

So when Elizabeth saw the car giveaway on Facebook, she decided to apply.

Their story resonated with the group, who chose them out of hundreds of entries.  "We just wanted to give back," says Robert Walker with the organization. 

The Logans say they're grateful for the car, and hope others in the valley facing similar financial hardships won't give up either.  "Once you get that one thing that goes right, go with it and hopefully everything else starts going right for you too," David says.

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