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Family now homeless after complex fire

Posted at 11:39 PM, Jan 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-14 08:52:38-05
A fire, reportedly set by squatters on New Year's Eve, has now left dozens without a home. One family says their landlord is making their situation worse while the Red Cross can only do so much.
"It's a lot to deal with," said Robin Bluff as she cried through her interview.
Two weeks ago, squatters are believed to have started a fire at the Casa Vegas Condominiums near Maryland Parkway and Vegas Valley Drive. Robin Bluff, her daughter Lindsey, and her grandson Elijah are now homeless.
Security at the complex believes squatters were living in the vacant units and caused the fire that impacted 17 adults and 19 children.
"We're in dire need. It's cold. It's like, can you imagine being in that stinking place trying to pack?"
When Bluff says stinking place, she's not joking. The fire burned the electricity meters, which means her unit has no power and no appliances. That means the food inside her refrigerator has gone bad and stunk up her home.
"The utilities are burnt out completely. There's nothing. There's... Well, I took you in the unit! There's no water. Nothing!"
Red Cross has helped the family, but there is only so much they can do. The Bluff's last night at the hotel is Wednesday night. After that, they might end up on the streets.
"It's been one thing after another, and now we're homeless! This ain't right. This ain't right at all!"
Desperate for help, the family called their landlord. But, Bluff says she's been of no assistance and even asked the family to pay January rent.
"She's a slumlord! That's what you call a slumlord when they don't try to help you or do anything."
In order to keep some consistency in her grandson's life, Bluff has tried to continue making him his lunch. But it's been difficult living in a hotel.
"We're trying to make him his peanut butter and jelly and his regular stuff he takes in his lunch. But otherwise, all our meals, we're having to eat out!"
Action News spoke with the landlord over the phone Wednesday afternoon. She said to have the Bluff family call her and she will help them to find a new place to live.
If you want to help the Bluff family, they have a donation account set up at Wells Fargo. You can call or stop by any branch and ask to donate to account #8669246103.