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Family expecting baby goes without A/C for 2 weeks

Posted at 11:18 PM, Aug 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-04 02:18:38-04

A family living in an apartment complex near Pecos and Washington says they've been without air conditioning for 2 weeks.

John Cannon says he's been trying everything to stay cool - washing his face with water and running fans, but he says the heat has been unbearable.

Cannon says their A/C unit stopped working about 2 weeks at the Park Vista Apartments.  He says he's tried multiple times to reach his apartment management, but keeps getting the runaround.  He says the calls go to an office in California, and nothing has been done.

He says after he threatened to withhold help, they put in a small portable unit, but he says it leaks water and doesn't do very much, and that having to run it constantly has jacked up his electric bill.

But he says the worst part is that it's hurting his growing family.  His girlfriend is pregnant with their son who is due in November.  Because of the unbearable heat, she's had to spend most of her time staying with friends.

According to the Southern Nevada Health District, the best course of action is these situations to to write a dated letter addressed to landlord - the specific format for that letter can be found here.

That will require the apartment complex to fix or make progress fixing the problem within 48 hours, not including weekends.

If the problem is not fixed, the health district can then conduct an inspection and that documentation can be used as evidence in a civil case.