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Fallen tree leaves elderly couple powerless

Posted at 11:36 PM, Jul 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-20 03:00:58-04
An elderly couple was forced from their home after a large limb on their backyard tree snapped off, taking cables with it.
NV Energy shut off power to the home because of the damage.
"For us it is terrible," Sergio Encina said.
Sergio and Ruth Encina, both in their 70s, are staying in hotel for the near future as they work to find someone to clean up the mess, and repair the damage done to the electrical system.
"You can see the hole it made in the roof," Sergio Encina said.
The large tree branch now lies across the downed cables and half of their backyard.
"This is a major problem we have right now," Encina said.
NV Energy told the couple that since the damage was done to equipment that does not belong to the utility, the Encinas have to hire an electrician to make the repairs and get the city to sign off on the repairs before the company can restore the power.
"I don't have money to pay an electrician," Encina said.
The couple is now working to get a hold of their insurance company. They say that is complicated by the fact that the telephone lines were taken out by the tree.