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Exotic animals seized from Pahrump home, second time this month

Posted at 7:35 PM, Nov 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-18 21:46:02-05

For the second time this month, Nye County Sheriff's Office has seized exotic animals.

On Thursday, the sheriff's office received several reports of exotic animals that were not being properly cared for on Black Rock Street in Pahrump.

The residence in question has a special conditions animal permit, which provides them a license to possess special conditions animals per Nye County Code. However, police discovered that several cats were living in unacceptable conditions, locked in bedrooms and had been urinating and defecating on the walls and carpet.

Officials also found a Fennec fox, which is a violation of Nevada Administrative Code. Nevada Department of Wildlife Officers are handling the appropriate investigation relating to the Fennec fox and will facilitate the appropriate placement for the animal.

Suspects Jacki Freeman and Abby Hedengran both have had responsibility for the care and custody of these animals. Freeman and Hedengran are currently involved in litigation with each other and are facing animal cruelty charges.
Animals seized from the property include 2 African lionesses, 1 African lion, 1 Bengal tiger, 8 Canadian Siberian lynx hybrid cats, 1 black panther, 1 Fennec fox and 1 Cervel Caracal hybrid cat.
Due to the possession of the illegal fox and the deplorable living conditions of the cats inside the house, all of the special conditions animal permitted animals on the property were seized while the permit is reviewed.

Deputies and Animal Control officers are continuing their investigation and working on placement at a USDA approved sanctuary.