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Lee's Discount Liquor manager talks robbery

Posted at 6:28 PM, May 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-05 22:02:32-04
Jamie Henderson did what she could to try to stop the bleeding as her friend and employee Matthew Christensen lay dying on the floor of Lee's Discount Liquor, after three robbers stormed in on April 18 demanding money.
"He was trying to talk to me and he was choking on his blood that was coming out of his mouth," explained an emotional Henderson. "I grabbed his hand and I told him, it's going to be okay, the ambulance is on its way, your going to be okay you are going to make it."
But sadly, it wasn't okay, Matthew Christensen died at the hospital. The surveillance video shows three robbers storming into the liquor store, guns drawn, but it's what you don't see that will haunt Henderson forever.
"Matt's like, 'I can't open it' and there was one gunshot and at that point it all kind of hit me that this was real, and I started to cry."
Henderson  is talking about the safe in the back of the store the robbers demanded Christensen open but he didn't have the combination, only she did.
"Everyday I live with the guilt of what I should have done, what I could have done. You know, that I had that access, that I could have easily walked back there and opened it," explained Henderson.
Henderson had to think of her unborn baby and that's what she thinks Christensen was doing, protecting her and her unborn child.
"He had to have been scared having a gun pointed at him, you know, but even in doing that he never once said I can't open it but she can."
Henderson believes Christensen is truly her hero and plans to honor him by giving her baby his name.
"It's literally the very least I could think to do, I want Matt's honor and his memory to not be forgotten. That's the primary way I could think to do that for him."
Police arrested 22-year-old Ray Brown,  20-year-old Lee Dominic Sykes and 22-year-old Lee Murry Sykes earlier this week. Henderson wants prosecutors to pursue the death penalty.
"They devastated so many lives, it just doesn't seem right that they get to remain living even if it is behind bars," said Henderson.