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E.W. Griffith alumni need your help saving time capsules

Posted at 11:29 PM, May 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-24 08:45:58-04

A group of E.W. Griffith Elementary School alumni are in a race against the clock. They want to save their decades old time capsules before the school gets a major overhaul. 

There's around 50 time capsules somewhere on the elementary school property. The former students are taking pretty extreme measures to try and preserve the history.

Sisters Joanna Cuen and Denisha Barnum haven't attended the school in about 30 years. Their kids go to the school now and their parents and aunts and uncles before them went to E.W. Griffith as well.

"We've heard of people back in the 70s doing time capsules as well here so there's probably a lot of time capsules here somewhere," said Joanna Cuen.

When the sisters heard about major overhaul of their old school, they instantly thought about the time capsules.

"It could get thrown away or messed up during the construction," said Cuen.

"That's why they want to dig them up and preserve them before the construction begins.

"We met up here with shovels and a metal detector and we're all gung-ho trying to go find what we can but unfortunately we weren't successful."

They dug 10 holes over the course of two days but no luck.

Now they need your help.

"If anyone remembered burying these time capsules and they have a little bit better memory on where exactly they are located, that would help."

The group also is looking for someone that knows how to use a metal detector better than they do.

"It's very important to me," said Cuen. "I want to come here and preserve our history and not only just for us to see what we did back then but let's try and save it for future generations."