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Entrepreneur develops app to connect foodies and food trucks

Posted at 11:36 PM, Sep 05, 2018

A local entrepreneur says plans to start his own food truck took an unexpected turn when his brainstorming session the best way to market his mobile business led the development of a new app.

Nicholas Spindel recently took second place in Henderson Second Annual Start Tank competition with his Where's the Foodtruck app.

"I realized people aren't going to know who I am. They aren't going to hunt me down.  They aren't going to go to social media just to find me," Spindel said of the thoughts that led to his app that connects foodies and food trucks.

That's what spurred the idea for the app that allows the user to find the food trucks closest to them.

It requires food truck operators to sign up for the app and check in when they pick a location.  Nearby users are then sent push notifications.

Spindel says the Where's the Foodtruck is much more accurate than social media posts traditionally used by food trucks because those posts often stay up for days advertising locations the vendors already left.

After launching in the Las Vegas area in April, Spindel says about 70 mobile food vendors are already using the app and 1800 Las Vegas residents have registered on Where's the Foodtruck.

Spindel is already working on plans to expand to Southern California and other parts of the country.