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EMS students defend teacher after arrest

Posted at 7:37 PM, Dec 08, 2015

Local students are standing by a teacher accused of having inappropriate contact with a student.  

Kristy Yegge was arrested last week, and police are investigating the accusations.  

Veteran's Tribute Career and Technical Academy is a magnet school for first responder training.

Kristy Yegge was part of the EMS program.  

Several students stepped forward, wanting to show their support for Yegge, despite the accusations against her.

Many were shocked, saying they couldn't believe this could happen. Students said she's not only saved lives in the medical field, but inspired other student's careers.    

"I think she's an awesome lady, she has helped build an EMS program at our school which is one of the biggest programs at our school," says one student.  

Yegge was honored a couple years ago as statewide advisor of the year.  

She is still a paid employee, but is not allowed on campus during the investigation.  

Action News reached out to Yegge for comment, but she hung up the phone and didn't answer her door.  

The District Attorney said they have not yet pressed charges while they continue the investigation.