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Flooding causes problems in valley

Posted at 8:13 AM, Oct 19, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-19 11:13:09-04

Flash flood warnings in Clark County Sunday led to highway closures and even a handful of rescues.

A helicopter flew in to rescue a man forced to the top of his vehicle because of flooding in a desert area off U.S. 95.

On the roads, drivers faced heavy delays.

"I just want to go home honestly," said Fatima Reedy, a college student in Utah who hit traffic on Interstate 15. "We've been stuck for about an hour and a half without being able to move anywhere."

Jessica Holdcraft was another I-15 traveler going home to St. George, Utah.

"You can see the rocks that had been washed out and the dirt," she said. "I believe that's why we were at a standstill. They had to clear it all out of the way."

The sides of U.S. 95 saw its share of flooding too while North Las Vegas had some hail.

Several flashes of lightning illuminated the valley's sky.

"We started seeing the lightning farther away and it just grew closer to us and it became all around us," Holdcraft said.

She said road conditions were bad enough that she was deciding whether to turn around and get a hotel room for the night instead of continuing to St. George.

Some cars were seen abandoned Monday morning along I-15.