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North Las Vegas elementary students disappointed as clouds ruin eclipse event

Posted at 4:30 PM, Aug 21, 2017

A group of students at Lowman Elementary in North Las Vegas was left disappointed after Mother Nature put a damper on their eclipse-watching plans.

The school was set to hand out 1,000 donated eclipse glasses so students could go outside and watch the eclipse, but after it started raining and clouds covered the sky, principal Lou Markouzis was forced to get on the loud speaker and break the bad news.

Kids were disappointed they had to instead watch a NASA feed inside the classroom.

So was their teacher, especially since they had been studying the solar system in preparation for the eclipse.

"I'm heartbroken actually," she told us.

She says to make it up to her students, she's working to rent out some telescopes from a local college to host a planetarium night for her kids.

In the meantime, the kids will get to keep their glasses. It may be a while, though, before they get a chance to use them again.  

The 9-year-old students will be almost 40 the next time a solar eclipse passes through Las Vegas.