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Elderly tenants fight back after surprise apartment fee

Tenants must pay rent online effective 10/1
Posted at 10:03 PM, Oct 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-12 02:44:03-04

Some elderly tenants are fighting back after being slapped with a surprise fee from their apartment complex near Tenaya and Lake Mead. 

They say this fee has to do with the internet.

"I'm not interested in the internet, I don't think I would be if I was 35," said Gloria Mason, "it's just not for me."

The 80-year-old lives in the St. Lucia Apartments with her roommate, an 83-year-old veteran named Gilbert Biddle.

Gilbert and Gloria told 13 Action News about a series of fees from their complex.

However, they are especially upset about the new fee for not paying rent online.

A notice from the complex states in part, "Effective October 1st...all rent payments made ... via check...will be assessed a $25 processing fee." 

Instead, the complex wants tenants to pay rent online. They say this is in an effort to go green.

The problem is Gloria and Gilbert do not have a computer or a smartphone. 

"The internet, in itself...the only thing I hear is ...stolen identities, and this and that," Mason said.

And she has no plans to go online.

13 Action News stopped by the leasing office and spoke with a worker. Right now, we are waiting to see if the complex would consider waiving the fee for tenants of a certain age.

Gloria and Gilbert say they love living at the complex but they just can't afford all of the new fees on a fixed income.

"We just don't have that kind of money," Mason said.

13 Action News will follow-up with management on Friday.