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Elderly man says thieves stole urn

Posted at 5:58 PM, Mar 01, 2016
A 78-year-old man is pleading with burglars to bring back his wife's ashes after his home was ransacked.  
According to Robert Jarvis, his home has been hit six times in the last month. 
The worst was when thieves burglarized his home and took a urn filled with his late wife's ashes. 
"I'd like to have my wife's ashes back, that's valuable to me. The other stuff I can replace, but I can't replace my wife's ashes" Jarvis said. 
 Jarvis, who lives at the Sand Creek Mobile retirement community, has now placed a sign on his fence hoping the ashes will return every time the burglars do. 
Jarvis lives next door, but has had everything from mattresses, a television and even Christmas decorations stolen. 
Why hasn't anyone stopped the burglars? 
According to Jarvis, the wall that sits behind his home is the reason thieves are coming in. 
"There is a dirt road back there, that's making it easy for them to take stuff," Javis said.
According to Jarvis, the wall behind his home sits at least a foot lower then his neighbors and has no barbed wire. 
We reached out to Sand Creek Mobile homes to see if they would think about installing the barbed wire, they said Javis would need to contact the manager tomorrow. 
13 Action News also reached out to Las Vegas police who said Javis has reported at least one burglary to police, but they have little evidence of who the crooks may be.