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UPDATE: Elderly couple given more time to move

Posted at 6:53 PM, May 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-31 21:57:40-04

UPDATE ON MAY 31: On the day the Feinbergs were supposed to move out, their management company told them the owner said they can have an extra month to get things in order.  They say this is a huge sigh of relief.  They're already looking for new places, and since our first story aired, several people have offered to help them pack and find new rental properties.

UPDATE ON MAY 29: The head of Veterans Village has offered to help the couple if they need a place to live.  In the meantime, the Feinbergs are still looking at different places and packing companies.  Right now, they need to out by Wednesday, May 31st.  They're also going to court to try and get a month extension, which would give them the time they need to get things in order.


LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- A World War II Veteran and his wife are in a bind and coming to 13 Action News for help.

Lora and Bernard Feinberg say they are being forced out of their rental home after eight years of renting.

"Everything is in turmoil so here we are and we don't know what is going to happen," said Lora Feinberg.

The couple says their property managers sprung the news on them five or six months ago that the property owner wanted to sell the house.

The Feinbergs explained everything they had going on in order to get an extension.

"They were very kind about doing that and I'm very happy with it," said the couple's son Howard Feinberg.

But the extension was not enough time. Bernard Feinberg is a World War II Veteran whose health is declining daily as he deals with prostate cancer.

"Nothing but doctors appointments," said Howard. "He had to go to the ER two weeks ago and it's just been too difficult to swing this."

The family says they've never missed a payment and never been late so they were hoping their management company would work with them until they figure something out.

"It makes me feel so insignificant," said Feinberg.

The family tells 13 Action News they saw the home listed online as available for rent even though they were told the home is being sold. One of the managers told us it was a mistake and it's been taken down.

The Feinbergs also tell 13 Action News, management might grant them another month to get their ducks in a row.