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Thousands show support for education savings

Posted at 2:40 PM, Jan 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-26 18:53:05-05

Thousands of students, teachers, and parents gathered at the Cashman Center Tuesday, to show their support for the Education Savings Account program.  

The Education Savings Account program would give parents more opportunity to chose an educational path for their students, outside of the public school system.  

"Every child does not learn the same way, and what you have are more choices being offered to parents," says Senator Scott Hammond.  "Parents go through, find out the learning styles of their children, and then find the best environment that their children would learn in, and make that choice based on that." 

"We know that not every kid learns the same way," says Grant Hewitt, the chief of staff with the Nevada State Treasury.  "The opportunity to take your child of of the public school system, which might not be the right environment for them, and create a custom educational experience, it really gives that flexibility to put together a correct educational experience for your child." 

The program was signed into law earlier this year, but a judge issued a temporary injunction for legal reasons.  One of the challenges the bill has faced is the constitutionality of giving money to parents for a private school, that may have a religious based curriculum.  

The program has been approved in other states, so parents and lawmakers are hopeful it will also pass in Nevada.  

"What's next for our program is to get through the litigation and then start to give the parents the money that will help to fund their choices," says Hammond.  

A state judge could decide to extend the injunction or cancel it altogether.