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Millions could be used to fight school bullying

Posted at 6:39 PM, Jan 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-14 21:42:08-05

The Nevada Department of Education has awarded $5.6 million worth of grant money to schools throughout the state.  Clark County School District is expected to receive $3.6 million of that.  

The money will be used for the immediate placement of social workers and other mental health professionals in the neediest schools.   

In a press release, CCSD Deputy Superintendent Tammy Malich said the award is significant and "will assist our district schools in fully supporting and implementing the governor's goals and initiatives regarding school climate and bullying." 

That block grant money was distributed based on school applications, and also based on scores from recent school climate surveys taken by students.  

CCSD schools have had an increase in the amount of bullying since the district started to record them back in the 2011 school year.  Since then, bullying has increased by 40%.  

"Something should be done about bullying," says Kimberly Gates, the godmother of one victim of bullying.  "I hope they take that money and use it in the right way."

Three charter schools in Clark County were also given some of that grant money.  Those schools are Doral Academy, Mater Academy of Nevada, and Somerset Academy of Las Vegas.