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Henderson celebrates school scores

Posted at 11:23 PM, Mar 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-21 11:34:31-04

The city of Henderson is celebrating the results of a new study that shows the city's public schools are ahead of the national average in major categories.

The study, conducted for the Henderson Community Education Advisory Board, found the graduation rate at Henderson's six high schools was 86 percent.  That is two points ahead of the national average and well above the 75 percent graduation rate in the entire Clark County School District.

The study also found elementary and middle school students at Henderson public schools are above average in reading and math comprehension.

City leaders credit some of the success to their efforts to provide additional funding to schools in need.

“The City of Henderson continues to invest millions of dollars in our local public schools through funds generated by redevelopment areas in our community. We also pay for crossing guards to keep our students safe and for Safekey programs that provide supervised locations with fun activities, so children have a secure place to go before and after school,” interim City Manager Richard Derrick said in a statement. 

The study also said there are several key factors that play a role, including the fact Henderson students tend to face fewer obstacles outside the classroom than students in other areas of the county.

The report providing numbers showing the median income in Henderson at $64,000 compared to $53,000 throughout the county.

It also pointed to fewer students on free and reduced-price lunch programs and fewer English Language Learners as factors that reduce the burden on school administrators.