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CSN faculty, students offer advice to newly-graduated high school seniors

Posted at 3:22 PM, Jun 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-09 18:40:35-04

Life after high school can be daunting, but there is plenty of help and guidance available for recently-graduated high school seniors who are considering trying for an advanced degree.

"There is excellent offerings in our higher education system right here in Las Vegas," says College of Southern Nevada Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs, Clarissa Coda. "Students might have this idea that it's only the four-year degree or a graduate degree and that's what college means. We have students who get employable after just three credit-based classes."

Lauryn Guerrissi, a CSN student who recently was awarded the prestigious Regent Scholar award, says those who find the thought of post-high school education daunting shouldn't be afraid. She is on her second attempt at getting her degree after not quite being ready for college the first time around.

"There's always a second chance," says Guerrissi. "If you're not ready for school right away you can always come back. You can always do your best. It's always there for you."

On the other hand, Diana Moreno, an Outstanding Student award winner at CSN, suggests that students not delay in getting their degree. She suggests going directly into college right after high school.

"Do not wait, do not procrastinate," she advises.

Education is, as Moreno puts it, "[it's] the best tool to succeed in life."