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CCSD talks goals in State of the District

Posted at 8:01 PM, Feb 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-01 10:06:29-05

State lawmakers continue to look into ways to split the Clark County School District, in an effort to boost student performance.  

On Monday, Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky said the district is moving forward to meet their own goals. 

The superintendent held his State of the District address at Cimarron-Memorial High School, and says the district has plans to expand kindergarten and early childhood education.  

Their goal is for every student in Clark County to have a full day kindergarten experience, in an effort to level the playing field for students by the time they get to elementary school. 

"Kindergarten is a full day for the first time next year for every student," says Skorkowsky. "Early childhood, we're working towards building up that capacity so we can have opportunities for more families in that area." 

The superintendent says if they start in kindergarten, increasing the graduation rate and increasing reading levels, will be more achievable.  

"It's important to expand that and ensure that, regardless of what community you live in, an early childhood experience is there for all students," says Skorkowsky.

Other goals for the school district moving into 2016 include increasing parent involvement, increasing career and tech education, and increasing student safety.  

The district has also come under fire recently for its graduation rate. CCSD says graduation rate is up to 72 percent, and they will continue to make it a priority. Six schools in the district have 100 percent of their students graduating.  

CCSD says they are actively hiring teacher for next school year to address their teacher shortage.