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CCSD superintendent and board members address status of district reorganization

Lawsuit is 'on pause'
Posted at 1:32 PM, May 01, 2017

The people controlling the future of the Clark County School District met Monday to talk about why more has not been done with the mandated reorganization of the district.

Time is ticking until the CCSD reorganization is supposed to be completed. The Board of Trustees and Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky say the legislature put them in an impossible position because they say the money to do what the legislature wants just isn't there. The board and superintendent filed a lawsuit to try and stop the bill, but the bill mandating the CCSD break-up is soon to be signed into law.

"We haven't got this bill signed yet," Skorkowsky said. "So once it's signed we can work on a trailer bill and look at those corrections that need to be made."

Skorkowsky and a couple board members spoke Monday about the progress, or lack thereof, made toward splitting up the district.

"If the only time you could have any meetings or discuss anything was to have a public agendized meeting and to have everybody watching you, it's really hard to be able to have some really honest, hard conversations," said Board of Trustees President Deanna Wright.

Changes are moving forward at some schools, but Skorkowsky and board members say there's not enough money to make it all work.

"As we move forward our eye and focus is always on our students, is always on their success, is always on our employees, making sure they're protected, that their jobs are protected, and that we are engaging with families to make a difference in education," said Wright.

The lawsuit is on "pause" while the district works to try get the legislature to make some of the changes they want to see to the bill.