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Earthquake reported near Mesquite, Bunkerville

Posted at 7:27 AM, May 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-05 21:27:16-04

An earthquake has been reported in the Mesquite area.

13 Action News received several calls early Thursday morning from residents in the area about the earthquake.

According to U.S. Geological Survey, the earthquake measured a 3.8. It was reported at around 6:49 a.m. At this time, there are no reports of damage.

13 Action News obtained surveillance footage from an Ace Hardware store that shows a shelf shaking during the time of the earthquake.

Several Mesquite residents told our cameras they felt the quake at their home.

"I was laying in bed and all of the sudden I was moving," said Gail Spoonts.

The earthquake happened about 20 miles south of Bunkerville, according to USGS.

According to the the USGS, there have been 75 earthquakes in Mesquite since 1931, but never one stronger than 3.8.  Scientists say there's about a 35% chance Mesquite will experience a 5.0 earthquake sometime in the next 50 years.

There are no reports of injuries.