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Strong winds, dust and rain hit Las Vegas

Posted at 10:19 AM, Mar 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-29 02:20:27-04
Strong winds, dust and a little bit of rain swept across the valley on Monday.
The winds reached as high as 78 mph in Red Rock Canyon and around 50 mph in the valley itself. As a result, several trees were knocked down.

But it wasn't just trees that were knocked down.

A 73-inch TV was knocked down inside an apartment when John Johnson left his window open before leaving for the day.

"I hesitated for a minute because I thought someone had gotten in," he said.

Once the TV was picked up, it still worked even with a six-inch scratch on the screen.
Meanwhile, power outages were reported around the valley with the biggest outages in northwest Las Vegas and east Las Vegas near Sahara Avenue and Lamb Boulevard.
The weather also shut down the Spring Mountains Visitor Gateway early on Monday due to the high winds on the mountain.
A dust advisory was also issued for Monday.
Due to expected high winds, Clark County Department of Air Quality officials advised residents and operators of local construction sites of the possibility of blowing dust from late morning through evening on Monday.
At this time, unhealthy levels of dust are not occurring.
In Death Valley National Park, a dust devil tore through a campground and flipped a trailer, blew away multiple tents and windows in vehicles were broken.
The latest weather forecast can be foundhere.