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Drivers drive on wrong side of the road to bypass Project Neon traffic

Posted at 11:13 PM, Mar 07, 2018

Project Neon is causing frustration for Las Vegans on and off the freeway. People living near a detour route said their neighborhood has become an impromptu shortcut.

Drive near Rancho and Oakey during rush hour and you'll notice a line of traffic backed up for blocks. 

"This street is never busy like this!" said Mary Clewes whose lived near the intersection for more than 30 years. 

The traffic is being caused by closures and detours due to Project Neon, a massive construction project. 

Drivers reported waiting longer than 15 minutes to drive half a mile as they drove westbound on Oakey to make a left turn on Rancho. 

Some drivers who want to skip the wait are opting to break the law by driving on the wrong side of the road and quickly turning onto Bryn Mawr Ave which isn't a through street. 

"There's going to be accidents and head-on collisions," Clewes said. 

Clewes lives in a neighborhood known as Glen Heather Estates. Neighbors complain frustrated drivers are speeding through their neighborhood to avoid the traffic. It's creating a safety hazard and adding even more time onto neighbors morning commutes. 

"It's a nightmare even trying to get out of this neighborhood," Clewes said. 

We reached out to the Nevada Department of Transportation about the neighbor's concerns. A spokesperson sent the following statement: 

"We recognize there is increased traffic along Rancho Drive due to construction. In response, we recently made improvements to the Rancho Drive and Sahara Avenue intersection, widening the freeway access turn-pocket, thereby providing for greater capacity for reduced congestion. Meanwhile, we advise packing patience and budgeting additional time for motorists to reach their destination. NDOT will continue working on messaging through FAST for the existing DMS signs; and some of the Active Traffic Management signs will begin operation this week, too, which should cutdown on driver confusion. Check the Project Neon website (NDOTProjectNeon.com [ndotprojectneon.com]) or Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages (@NDOTProjectNeon) for up to date information. There is also a free smart phone app available, plus a hotline available in both English and Spanish at: 702-293-NEON (6366). NDOT works with Waze to inform the public about planned highway restrictions, but unscheduled construction changes, closures and restrictions are possible due to weather or other factors. For the latest state highway conditions, visit nvroads.com [nvroads.com]or call 511 before driving.”