Drivers stranded trying to get home for Thanksgiving get help in time for dinner

NHP, Roadside Assistance comes to the rescue

Freeways are expected to be the busiest in over a decade, so imagine breaking down just before Thanksgiving dinner.

Pengo Go was stranded for hours on the side of U.S.-95, Thanksgiving day.

"Nobody responds," Go said as he made calls to several friends.

This wasn't the day this tour bus driver had planned for himself.

"Before this [I expected to get home] before 2 p.m.," Go said.

Stranded drivers can call NHP Freeway Service Patrol at *NHP (or *647) to help with disabled cars.

Eventually, NHP troopers were able to help Go along with Allstate Roadside Assistance, giving him another reason to be thankful tonight.




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