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Drive-thru coronavirus testing at Las Vegas urgent care

Posted at 2:29 PM, Mar 21, 2020

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Hundreds of people showed up Wednesday to the Sahara West Urgent Care and Wellness parking lot with the sole purpose of getting their sample collected through swabs and start their coronavirus testing.

"We don't think it is fair that they come into the clinic and infect everybody else or anything like that, so that's why we're running the protocol that we're doing and it's working. That way, the staff stays safe, other patients stay safe," said Jose Triana, clinic practice manager.

"We're doing this free of cost. All we need is an ID to attach to a specimen for that person, and we get that information, we get the symptoms, the phone number, the email. We collect that, come back, and we swab the nose," Triana said.

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Adriana Duckett, a dental worker who is also a mother of two kids, said she waited four hours before getting her nose swabbed.

"My doctor was actually like, go home; we don't want you here because I've been feeling sick," she said.

Adrianna, a dental worker who recently moved to Las Vegas from California, told 13 Action News that she had been having flu symptoms since last weekend.

"Being in their mouths and waking them up from surgery, walking them to the car, we're in close contact with other people, so it's been a very urgent thing," she said.

After the procedure, Adrianna hopes she doesn't have the novel coronavirus but will have to wait three days for the results, while she self-quarantined.

At the clinic, around 250 swab collections were done Wednesday ,and they expect to the same number tomorrow.