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Downtown construction project impacting business

Posted at 1:19 PM, May 09, 2016
Downtown Las Vegas is getting a makeover. A portion of Main Street and Commerce Street are turning into one-way roads. That might sound great, unless you are one of the business owners, dealing with the construction.
"I've noticed a little bit of a slowdown since the construction has been going on," Jake Soteros from Freestyle Crossfit said.
This is just the latest phase in the project, but if it's anything like phase one, people already know what to expect.
"It was just one of those types of things where every day you woke up and you're like please let it be over," the owner of MTO Cafe, Ben Sabouri said.
The project also comes with new bike lanes and more visible parking spots, which should make it easier than ever to get around. Business owners say that is something the area desperately needs. 
"The difference between here and East Fremont Street is a mile but if you ask people who are down here, it's like Summerlin and Green Valley," Sabouri said.
Now it's just a waiting game, but the payoff should be huge.
"Ultimately i think it's going to be good for businesses not just mine but everything up and down Main Street," said Soteros.
The project is not scheduled to be completed until 2018.