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Donations stolen from man's porch

Posted at 12:57 PM, Oct 11, 2015
A Las Vegas man wants his neighborhood on alert after 2 women were seen stealing dog food from his porch.
The incident happened Friday at about 2 p.m. at a home on the 7700 block of Ducharme Avenue, near Buffalo and Alta drives.  
Michael Perez, the owner of the home, walks his dog every Friday morning. This Friday was no different until he got a strange alert on his phone. 
"My phone signaled me saying someone was at my front door,” Perez tells Action News. "I looked at it and it showed someone going to my front door taking the donations that were left there." 
Perez has a surveillance camera at his front door. He can access the camera from his phone, so he was able to watch as it was happening. The video shows a woman lightly jogging from a parked car to the front porch. She picks up a few items and head back to the car where an accomplice helps her put the items inside.
"I know in this area there's stuff being stolen, but I just assumed nobody would steal dog food," Perez says. 
The stolen items were food and toys for dogs donated by a friend of his. Many of his peers know that he volunteers at animal shelters and does animal rescue work across the city, so they donate goods all the time, usually leaving them on the porch. Karen Worth is the woman who left the dog food on Perez’ porch Friday. 
"I've left stuff before and it's been fine," she tells Action News  
She says this type of theft happens in her neighborhood, but she didn't think it happened in Perez’s. 
"Where I live, Metro alerts about not leaving packages on your porch because people are looking for stuff like that," Worth says. 
She plans to continue giving to Perez, but next time she'll be a little more careful. 
"I'll probably have to coordinate with Mike a little bit better,” she says. “Not just leave it on the porch for him and make sure he's home or that he'll be home very shortly." 
Perez didn't call 911 Friday and he has not filed a police report. He posted the video to social media. Thousands have seen it.