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Donald Trump returns to Las Vegas

Posted at 7:06 PM, Jan 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-22 02:39:26-05
The presidential candidates are starting to focus more on Nevada as we close in on the first votes of the primary season.
On the democratic side, former President Bill Clinton was in Las Vegas to campaign for his wife Hillary.
Republican front-runner Donald Trump was also in town with a big rally Thursday afternoon at the South Point Hotel & Casino.
It's no secret that Donald Trump is a man of many words, and he couldn't get through the rally without using that fiery tongue we've seen in the past.
His attitude was boastful as he’s proud of his strong lead in the polls. He took shots at several of his opponents.  
He started with former governor, Jeb Buss, calling him a maniac.
"Poor Jeb, he's doing another commercial,” said Trump. “He's a maniac. He's a poor guy. I feel sorry. He's like a lost soul."
Then he moved on to Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton.
 "I'm going to beat her so easily, I haven't even started on her yet,” he said. “I haven't even started."
He vehemently expressed his opposition to her views on gun control.
"We're going to save the 2nd Amendment folks,” he said. “They want to take it away but we're going to save it. You listen to Hillary and we're not going to have a 2nd Amendment."
Trump also called out Senator Ted Cruz.
"Ted is getting very very nervous. He should get nervous. A lot of polls are coming out. They're not looking good for Ted. Not looking good."
He even made fun of his public speaking skills.
"When he talks, he talks like he's debating,” said Trump. “So he can't talk. He can debate, but he can't talk. You have to be able to talk in life also."
But of course, there were anti-Trump protestors in the crowd waiting for the perfect opportunity to make a scene.
The group was called “Code Pink” and they shouted attacks against Trump’s views.  
His supporters boo’d as the group was escorted out of the room.