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Protesters disrupt Trump rally before GOP debate

Posted at 11:22 AM, Dec 15, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-15 14:22:25-05
Just a day before the Republican presidential debate in Las Vegas, Donald Trump held a rally in town.
Trump spoke to a fired-up crowd for a little more than an hour. From the protesters to the supporters, the rally could easily be described as entertaining.
After Trump said hello, he immediately started talking about illegal immigration. That's when protesters started yelling. Police escorted them out with some struggle. Trump supporters waved to them as Trump said "bye-bye".
Most of the people in the room turned towards the door to watch. Trump tried to talk through all the excitement. He then turned the demonstrators' actions into a dig on President Obama, implying people should be protesting him.
"You know the truth though. We should have been doing that for the last seven years," Trump said. "I give them credit. I don't know why we don't. I don't know why we don't."
A big part of the night was spent circling back to illegal immigration and the wall he wants to build to separate the United States from Mexico.
"This is a big building. You see that ceiling? That ceiling is much lower than my wall. Believe me. We will have a real wall. We have a real one. And I know how to build it. And I know how to get them (Mexico) to pay for it. It's very simple," said Trump.
Toward the end of Trump's hour-long speech, he says Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton does not have the strength nor the stamina to be president.
"Did you ever notice with Hillary, it's sort of an amazing thing. She puts on her pantsuit in the morning. She gets up. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong."
Trump also said, when he becomes president, he will immediately get rid of Common Core. He called it a disaster.