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Domino's testing autonomous delivery in Las Vegas

Posted at 10:24 AM, May 03, 2018

Last year Dominos began testing out its self-driving delivery car. And now certain customers in the Las Vegas valley will get to try it out - sort of.

The car is being tested at the location near Tropicana Avenue and Fort Apache Road. It won't be entirely autonomous, as there will still be someone in the car to drive it around. But the employee in the car won't be interacting with customers.

Domino's told CNN that they're testing whether or not customers would be willing to pick up their pizza curbside, rather than have someone deliver it directly to their door. 

Random customers on the west side of the Las Vegas can opt-in to receive deliveries from the mock self-driving car. Once selected, those customers can use their smartphone GPS to track their delivery. 

Customers who order pizza from the self-driving car will also be given a PIN code to retrieve their food once the vehicle arrives. 

Domino's will continue to test the car in Las Vegas through mid-July.

The Ford vehicle was featured at CES earlier this year.