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Domestic-abuse survivor fears ex-boyfriend's plea deal puts her in danger

Posted at 11:16 PM, Mar 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-03 20:19:25-05

Angela Delgado is still afraid to go to sleep some nights a full year after her then-boyfriend beat her so mercilessly she was certain she wouldn't live another day. 

"I almost died. I was an inch away death. He left me for dead," Delgado said. "I would have nightmares of blood. I would have nightmares of somebody coming and killing me.”

Delgado, who admits she used to be a sex worker, says Tyree Wright lived off the money she made.

Wright was charged last year with nine counts, including attempted murder, sex trafficking, and first-degree kidnapping and faced decades behind bars. Wright in May is scheduled to get those charges reduced to just three, including sex trafficking and second-degree kidnapping while asking for probation. "The deal would definitely not be fair," Delgado said.

Delgado, who moved out of state fears Wright could track her down. "Crazy, psycho, horror-movie reaction and come and look for me," Delgado said.

Warren Geller, Wright's attorney, said his client is no threat. “He has no interest in being around her whatsoever," Geller said.

Wright admits he overreacted and beat Delgado, but Geller insisted that Wright is no pimp and did not try to kill Delgado. "Things did get out of hand. Tyree is not denying that and he is going to take responsibility for that."

Delgado, who underwent surgeries for a fractured skull and shattered arms, now lives with post-traumatic stress disorder. “If he gets out or if he doesn't get out still fear for my life," Delgado.
Wright could get as little as time already served or as many as 16 years behind bars.