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Dog seriously injured in possible coyote attack

Posted at 11:34 PM, Mar 04, 2016

A dog was seriously injured in a possible coyote attack in Summerlin.

Louise Aberle is now making regular visits to the animal hospital to see her dog, Moe.
Aberle is convinced it couldn't have been a neighborhood dog that jumped over her front gate and tussled with Moe. The dog managed to escape into the house through the doggie door.
"I come home and I see him with all these holes in him and I'm going, 'Oh my god,'" Aberle said.
She says she's seen coyotes several times in the streets of her neighborhood.
Dane Foxwell, a veterinarian at West Charleston Animal Hospital, says Moe came in with about a dozen different puncture wounds and that he's lucky to be alive. Foxwell expects Moe to make a full recovery.
Aberle reached out to 13 Action News as a means to warn her neighbors of the possible coyote threat.
"It's not just dogs but people have little grandchildren," she said. "My little 2-year-old plays out here towards the evening. God knows what could happen."
Aberle says Moe will be home from the hospital Monday.