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Dog owners want change after deadly dog park attack

Posted at 12:09 AM, Apr 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-17 09:39:38-04

A lot of dog lovers are angry after a small dog was attacked and killed by a much larger dog at Clark County Dog Fancier's Park.

Crystal Mouzon says she was just leaving the park Thursday evening when a much larger dog than hers came up from behind and grabbed ahold of Bingo the 12-year-old Pomeranian Chihuahua mix.

Mouzon says the dog would not let go.

"I tried to pick him up but the pit had him by his back leg up on his thigh," Mouzon said.

Mouzon also says, on top of her dog dying that day, the other dog's owner would not identify himself.

"I was mad," she said. "I was mad cause he wouldn't answer me. He wouldn't say I'm sorry or nothing. I was mad."

Mouzon's dog park friends rallied together after Bingo's death to try and create change.

Robert Jones says he's been emailing and calling Clark County for two years now trying to get an official 'Small Dog Park' at Dog Fancier's Park.

There are five fenced in fields at Dog Fancier's Park. Four of them are reservable meaning you can pay money to reserve one for special events.

The group wants one to be for small dogs and one to be for big dogs.

"The little dogs need to feel just as much right to be here as the big dogs," said another dog owner Kim Davis.

"We're just asking for the small park to have a sign up that says for small dogs under 35 pounds," said Robert Jones.

13 Action News reached out to Clark County to see if this was on their horizon.

Ultimately, we were told no.

A spokesperson for Clark County said Dog Fancier's Park is unique in the fact you can reserve space for a group so they will not be designating small dog and big dog areas.

The spokesperson also said, many of their other parks have specific small and big dog parks so he wants to advise people to use those.