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Dog owners shamed on Facebook for not picking up poop

Posted at 7:49 PM, Jul 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-15 09:29:39-04
It's become a stinky situation for some living in northwest Las Vegas, and now some neighbors are pointing the finger and the camera at irresponsible dog owners.
"Do you know what it is like to look out your window and see fresh piles of dog feces?" said one long-time resident who asked to remain anonymous.
Neighbors fed up by the lack of dog owners cleaning up after their canine companions, not only installed cameras to keep an eye out; they started a website and a Facebook page called "Dog Owners who do not clean up after their dogs."
They post videos and photos shaming those who don't follow the rules.  
Making a bad situation even worse is that the dog walkway is just feet away from Eileen Connor Elementary School's playground.
Because the land resides on the schools property, the Clark County School District released the following statement.
"Connor's elementary is closed for the month of July. However, school custodians have and will continue to dispose regularly of the animal feces. The pathway behind the school is open to the community, and therefore, we ask that everyone do their part."
According to Las Vegas municipal code, dog owners may face fines anywhere from $250 first offense up to $1,000 for the third offense within a 24-month period.
UPDATE: According to the Facebook page, the area around the school was cleaned up early Friday morning.