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Dog mauled by coyotes on Henderson golf course

Posted at 7:41 PM, Jul 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-27 22:41:42-04

A Henderson woman is upset after her dog was killed by coyotes recently.

“To be massacred the way she was, they mutilated her, there was nothing left, said Patricia Timperley.
This is how Timperley describes how a pack of coyotes killed her missing dog, Maggie.

"We had a special bond," Timperley said. “Maggie was family.”
Somehow Maggie got out Saturday night, walked across the street and crawled through a hole in a nearby golf course fence, Timperley said.  

Timperley learned of Maggie’s loss on Sunday, when she received a call from a young woman who works at Black Mountain Golf Course.

“Little Amy called me from the golf course crying her eyes out,  I think this is your dog ... something, just happened at the golf course," Timberley said.

Timperley believes maybe Maggie died so that she can help raise awareness of the coyote problem and help save other pets.
Coyotes eating pets is common all across the country, said Doug Nielsen with the Nevada Department of Wildlife.
“They can’t tell the difference between your dog or cat and a rabbit," Nielsen said.  

He said people often don’t realize that when they feed wild animals, it also puts our pets in danger.
Nielsen said what we are seeing is an interaction between people, coyotes and pets that comes with an increase in population.

The only time he said that the Department of Wildlife will respond to a call about a coyote is if the animal is causing an immediate danger or harm to the public.