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Doctor explains the skinny on marijuana

Posted at 9:45 PM, Sep 28, 2018

You may have seen stories floating online about how marijuana can help you lose weight. 

That's surprising since traditionally, the drug was thought to do the opposite.

"You have the sativa and you have the indica and then you have hybrids," said Dr. Dahlia Wachs, "there's a lot of differences."

The doctor says the different strains have a different impact.  One could make you more relaxed, the other more active.  

She says it varies from person to person.  That's one problem.

Studies have shown that marijuana helps with pain, seizures and anxiety; however, the doctor says there is no medical data to determine which strains lead to weight loss.  

"Somebody smoking marijuana to not eat, to lose weight is something no doctor will ever recommend," she said.