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Nevada DMV making improvements, increasing efficiency, more online options

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Posted at 10:25 PM, Sep 20, 2021

HENDERSON (KTNV) — It is no secret - it has been a headache to get a driver’s license or license plate during the pandemic. But the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles says things are looking up as walk-ins are coming back.

The DMV says it is steadily making improvements and approaching the efficiency they had prior to the pandemic. But like many businesses, it has some staffing shortages.

“We just graduated a training academy of 37 people that are now working on the windows. So, things are getting a little better,” said Kevin Malone, public information officer for the Nevada DMV.

Even with that good news, the DMV still has 55 more vacancies across the Las Vegas valley.

It will be at least another two months before many of those get filled, and every new hire helps.

“The appointments were up to 90 days out, or not possible to get any,” said Malone. “Now, they are about 60 days out. You can reasonably get an appointment 60 days out.”

If you are a walk-in, the best time to come in seems to be a couple of hours before they close for the day.

“Right before we close, we stopped calling appointments,” he said. “So, we do line people up and that makes things go a little bit quicker. But still, you could very well show up two hours before closing and we won’t take you at all because we can’t serve you.”

They are trying to limit the overtime on employees, so when they are closed - they are closed. Otherwise, you should do what you can online, including license renewals and specialty license plates.

“Our advice is to go to our website and see what you can do online before you even think about coming in,” he said.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has said that even with all the temporary plates out there, it has not caused them any problems.