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District outlines weapon check policies for Las Vegas schools

Random searches to begin in November
Posted at 7:47 PM, Nov 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-01 23:27:36-04

The Clark County School District released guidelines for how school administrators will search for weapons beginning in November.

Officials released the procedures along with a letter from Superintendent Jesus Jara Thursday but said they have not set an exact start date for the program.

In the letter, Jara outlined the need for added security measure on county campuses as 11 firearms have been recovered since the beginning of the school year. 

That compares to just six during the same period last year.

The procedures outlined how schools, classrooms, and students will be selected by a computer program.

Once a school is selected for an arrival search the computer will generate a number. If that number is a 3, administrators would direct every third student to the security check area for a search.

The policy says employees can not deviate from the computer-generated selections.

The district says backpacks and other personal belongings will be searched to the degree necessary to ensure there are no weapons inside.

Students will be searched with a handheld metal detector. If a pat-down search is needed the policy says it will be conducted by a trained administrator of the same gender.

The policy also outlined plans for random classroom searches that would be selected at random by a computer with the district saying all searches will be done as quickly as possible to limit the impact on classroom time.

The district says elementary schools will be exempt from the search program.

A Frequently Asked Questions document sent along with the policy also included the district's stance that any fourth amendment concerns are eclipsed by the need to keep students safe after recovering an increasing number of weapons on school campuses.

Those same FAQs say any student who refuses to participate will not be allowed on campus.