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Disagreement on how swans were killed

Posted at 11:19 PM, Nov 12, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-13 02:19:42-05
Action News has an update on a story that caused quite a stir earlier this week. About a dozen swans and ducks were found dead in Desert Shores within a weeks time. Upset residents are determined to find out who did it. But now, there's a disagreement by officials on how the birds died.
One group says a predatory animal killed the birds. Another group says the injuries the swans and ducks suffered look more like a person might have done it.
Six ducks were beheaded. A few swans had their necks snapped. Neighbors who saw the dead birds say some baby swans were mutilated and a handful of swan eggs were crushed.
The Nevada Department of Wildlife says a preliminary investigation shows the birds were killed by either an owl, a coyote, or a dog.
The owner of the swans had her own vet investigate as well. That report shows the two swans brought in to be examined had puncture wounds and trauma to their heads. The owners vet says she can't be certain those injuries could have been possible by an animal.
People who live in Desert Shores are still very upset about the killings. A memorial has been set up for the birds. It says "In remembrance of our beloved ducks and swans that were brutally killed." There are also flowers and an angel statue.
A reward of $2,500 is being offered to anyone with information leading to an arrest.