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Vet misses doctor's appointment after theft

Posted at 11:15 AM, Sep 26, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-26 14:15:01-04
A local veteran contacted Action News after someone stole his scooter.  Tom Spencer, 63, said he's unable to walk well and has been missing his doctor appointments.
"Before my scooter was stolen, I was starting to go to some psychotherapy for some of my problems with PTSD," said Spencer, "I wanted to go weekly but that's out of the question now."  
The 63 year-old purchased the scooter two years ago and spent a thousand dollars on upgrades.  Spencer said he was extra vigilant with security because he had already been a victim of scooter theft. 
"I had it locked outside my apartment with two chain locks and an alarm," said Spencer.
Still one morning he woke up and it was gone.  
"I guess they just needed it more than I do."
The scooter was stolen three months ago.  Since then, neighbors have joined the search to find it.  Spencer said one even captured his stolen ride on cell phone video.  Action News blurred the man's face because police have not yet identified any suspects.
"It's depressing, it sucks, I almost hate that everybody's got a cell phone you can sit there and watch your own grief over and over," said Spencer.  
Now Spencer said he's saving every extra cent of his social security and disability payments for the next scooter.  
In the meantime, he's stuck at home.
"I've had about six knee surgeries, mangled my right ankle, crushed my left foot," he said.  
Action News will continue to follow this story.