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Veteran forced out of asbestos ridden home

Posted at 11:31 PM, Feb 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-02 14:43:17-05
A disabled veteran, who prefers to remain anonymous, and her family are being forced out of their North Las Vegas home because of asbestos. The family that lives near Cheyenne Avenue and Civic Center Drive says now, they have nowhere to go.
The former Marine's partner Ivon Valenzuela has been trying to pack up the family's home.
"We need help because my spouse is not able to lift more than 15 pounds and I'm pretty much the only one, along with my 14 year old, who can lift things," said Ivon Valenzuela.
Valenzuela says they want to move out of their home after multiple issues with their home and their management company.
"We're made to feel like everything is our fault," she said.
The family recently had a renovation done in their kitchen and during the remodel, the contractors discovered the asbestos.
"We need to get our family our of here, make sure we don't keep exposing ourselves to whatever is in the air. Obviously there's still holes and they're still open."
Plus, Valenzuela says, their management company billed them $1,000 for the asbestos test.
"This is mind boggling. We didn't agree to get billed for this. It was a surprise to us."
Now, after reaching an agreement with the landlord, Valenzuela and her family have just a few days to pack up and get out of their home.
"We're gonna take their offer right now and go ahead and go," she said. "Unfortunately, we don't have a place to go."
The family plans to put their stuff into storage and stay with a friend for a few days while they get things figured out. If you want to help, they have set up a GoFundMe.