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Dinosaur enthusiast prepares for thousands of visitors for Halloween

Posted at 9:58 AM, Sep 21, 2017

Halloween may still be a few weeks away, but one Henderson man is already getting ready.  He's expecting thousands of visitors to, what neighbors have nicknamed, his "dinosaur house." 

"Every year is bigger than the year before," says Steve 'Dino-Man' Springer. 

This year, he's expecting about 6,000 people.

"I remember when it was 150 people," says Springer. 

His front yard is filled with life-size replicas of dinosaurs. For Halloween, some of the dinosaurs are replaced by zombies.  

"Of course the park will transform," says Springer. 

Springer was a Clark County School District teacher for 30 years, and when he retired, he built his free museum in his front yard. Now, he offers tours to kids who stop by, teaching them about prehistoric history.  

"Kids were always my life and they'll always be my life," says Springer. 


Location: Shan-Gri-La Prehistoric Park

open daily sunrise until midnight 

733 Greenway Road

Henderson, NV