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Developer wants to uproot park for apartments in northwest Las Vegas; homeowners say no

Posted at 10:35 PM, Sep 21, 2017

Marybeth Moore and her family moved to The Village at Centennial Springs in large part because of park right across the street.

"We love it. It's so easy to walk across the street because the park is so close to our home,” Moore said.

Moore thought her homeowners association owned the park near Farm Road and Durango Drive, but she found out a developer, RH Centennial LLC, does. And that developer wants to level the park and build an apartment complex in its place.

"There's not one resident who wants apartments," Moore said. "Without a place to play, it's a nightmare."

100 annoyed homeowners crowded the room a nearby YMCA to tell the developer keep their hands off the park.

Matt Barratino, a board member, said the HOA can put in a bid to buy the park, but “it's going to be tough."

Barattino said the HOA may have to ask homeowners to pay an exorbitant amount of money. "They're saying it's $650k."

When asked if he thinks the board can get that amount, Barratino answered, "I don't."

Liz Delk, a lawyer representing Rh Centennial, said the developer twice before has offered to sell the property.

"The cost of the park was about $650,000. I believe he gave about half of that to the HOA they did decline it."

Delk said the project is still in the very early stages. Homeowners are looking into the option of launching a petition to block the project or raising money to buy the park.