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Desperate search underway for two missing dogs after multiple mix-ups

Posted at 11:49 PM, Mar 13, 2018

A family is still missing their two dogs after quite a few mix-ups and they are desperate to get them back.

Andrea Hernandez and her family adopted their dog Higgins four years ago when he was just minutes away from euthanasia.

They noticed he had a brown spot on his fur that looked like a heart.

"Our pets are like family members," said Andrea Hernandez.

Last year, the family adopted another dog named Leo. The two boys had an instant connection and began acting like brothers.

A couple weeks ago, the two dogs escaped over a fence at their home near Mountain Vista and Harmon.

They made it to Tropicana and U.S. 95 before someone found them and picked them up.

The man didn't have a leash but the dogs followed him home.

He posted a Craig's List ad about the dogs he found but Hernandez didn't see it until a week later. 

By the time she contacted the Craig's List poster, it was too late.

"He told me it was too late and that he already gave the dogs away," she said.

The man didn't have a car and says he was unable to bring them to The Animal Foundation so he gave them to his neighbor.

But nobody knows where the dogs are right now.

"We just want them back, we don't want to get anybody in trouble, we just want them back," she said.