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Desert Oasis HS introduces new safety measures at first football game since shooting incident

Desert Oasis HS crowd at first game since shooting incident a week prior.
Posted at 9:46 PM, Sep 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-11 02:27:31-04

ENTERPRISE, LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Desert Oasis High School had its first football game on Friday since a shooting one week ago.

Nobody was hurt but the incident raised safety concerns among some parents and students at the school. Since then, the school has introduced some new safety changes.

“That shook us to our core, you know?” said Lt. Bryan Zink with the Clark County School District Police Department. “Because we don’t want to see things like that happen at our schools.”

During the investigation, officers noticed a worrying trend.

“If you’re at a football game and a fight breaks out, the first thing you shouldn’t do is pull out your cell phone, start recording and run towards the fight,” he said.

Clark County School District police have been working this case extensively and trying to restore confidence and get these bleachers full again.

“So, we’ve been working very hard all week long,” said Lt. Zink. “A lot of people have been putting in a lot of hours to figure out who did it and when we catch them, we’ll bring them to justice.”

For the foreseeable future, students need to present identification and have parental supervision in order to get into Diamondbacks home games, which now start earlier, too.

“I feel super safe,” said Duane Campbell, an instructor at Desert Oasis High School. “The administrators are doing the job that they need to do to stop any of the issues.”

Not many parents wanted to talk about what happened last week, but Campbell had one bit of advice he says will help everyone feel more comfortable.

“Talk to your kids, period,” said Campbell. “That’s all you have to do.”

And that is the message. The more we communicate, the sooner everyone can get back to making memories on the football field.

“Be a good student,” said Lt. Zink. “Come to the games, have fun, leave when it’s over and go home and spend time with your parents.”

Lt. Zink says that because of the community’s help and all the videos sent in, they have a lead in the case and are confident that an arrest will be made soon.