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Demonstrators protest Arpaio's visit to Las Vegas

Posted at 6:48 AM, Sep 18, 2017

Demonstrators protested former Sheriff Joe Arpaio's visit to Las Vegas on Saturday.

Arpaio was in town to accept a Courage Award at the Conservative Leadership Conference. 

Protestors rallied against Arpaio, saying his policies led to racially profiling people he thought were undocumented immigrants. A federal judge found those policies unconstitutional.

"We don't feel that his brand of anti-immigrant racism fits with Las Vegas and what Las Vegas stands for," said protestor Jean Dunbar. "This city really runs on the backs of our immigrants, and they are welcome here. Arpaio is not."

The award ceremony for Arpaio was originally scheduled to be held at the Tropicana hotel-casino. It was moved to a secret location out of fear of potential violence.