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Charleston, Rampart crash victim's family speaks

Posted at 4:27 PM, Mar 24, 2016

UPDATE: George Nazarian's sister-in-law Aida Yeghiazarian says she doesn't know how Ashly Hamlon will be able to live with this crash on her conscience.

Police identified Hamlon as the 21-year-old driver who rear-ended Nazarian at the intersection of Charleston and Rampart boulevards Thursday. A total of five cars were involved.

"Honestly, I can say I'm so sorry for her," Yeghiazarian said. "The one thing I can say is I'm sorry for her."

His family says Nazarian was married for 54 years and was committed to taking care of his handicapped brother.
"It was the wrong time and the wrong place," Yeghiazarian said. "It shouldn't have happened like that."
Friends said Hamlon has been released from the hospital. Her grandmother said Hamlon suffered a seizure before the crash.


A driver was rear-ended and killed while stopped at a red light Thursday afternoon, according to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. 

It was reported around 4:03 p.m. near the intersection of Charleston Boulevard and Rampart.  Five cars were involved in the crash.

Police said a woman driving a white Chrysler 200 was speeding south towards the intersection.

That's when she rear-ended a silver car stopped at the traffic light, said LVMPD. The impact caused the silver car to slam into two other vehicles. 

The driver of the silver car died on scene. He was identified as 86-year-old George Nazarian of Las Vegas.
Investigators said there was nothing he could have done to prevent the deadly aftermath. 
13 Action News spoke with one of the drivers who survived the crash. 
"Surreal event," he said.  "...I'm just really grateful that I'm not dead."
The driver of the Chrysler, and another vehicle, were both taken to UMC Trauma Center.
The extent of their injuries is unknown. 
Police are investigating whether the tragic reckless driving was due to a medical episode or intoxication. They have obtained a search warrant to test the blood of the Chrysler driver.  
Witnesses told police she had driven onto the sidewalk just before the crash.

This all remains under investigation.