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Day 3 of special session wraps up in Carson City

Posted at 6:54 PM, Dec 18, 2015
UPDATE: The Nevada Assembly has passed a job training bill in the first major vote of a special session.
Lawmakers voted 37-4 on Friday evening to pass AB1, a bill that authorizes a new workforce development program called Workforce Innovations for a New Nevada (WINN).
The initiative is modeled after programs in Louisiana and Georgia. State officials would work with major new businesses moving to Nevada to develop customized job training programs.
State officials plan to apply $2.5 million or more to the program initially by transferring funds from the state general fund and an office of science and technology.
Bill proponents say the program would build a bridge so Nevadans could take advantage of new jobs coming to the state. Opponents say Nevada shouldn't subsidize one company's training over another.
It was an early night for legislators in Carson City on Thursday after they took the night to work on some issues on the Faraday Future deal saying they will get back to work this morning and get a deal done.
The Assembly and Senate both expected to get new drafts of the bills they spent Thursday discussing. The new bills will include amendments lawmakers asked for after a full day of meetings.
Most on both sides say they support the billion dollar electric car factory, but say due diligence is needed.
"We are trying to make sure we have in place an agile infrastructure so that not just short term, but long term we can anticipate and make sure what is good for North Las Vegas doesn't negatively impact the rest of the state," said Sen. Pat Spearman (D), North Las Vegas
Lawmakers say they expect today to be a long one, but didn't guarantee they'd get something done before the day was over.